An EOY Facebook fiesta, every morning from November 30 - December 2, to lay the foundations, fire up the feels, and fine-tune your focus for a purpose-filled, profitable 2022. 


I don’t want to alarm anyone but it’s nearly the end of 2021! 

What. A. Time.

Can we all just take a deep breath?

But putting the challenges of the year aside for but a moment, there is something kinda exciting about this time of year, right?

Along with boozy Christmas lunches, present-panic buying, and Mariah Carey on repeat, the end of year does bring with it some pretty incredible things. Including the opportunity to: 

⚡️ reflect, reassess, and reset our intentions for who we are and what we want to create 

⚡️ supercharge our strategy and get out creative sh!t together for the year ahead. 

⚡️ buff up our business plan to birth our CreativeBabies* out into the world.

*definitely a real #business term


But rather than waiting for those #NewYearFeels to create and catapult your 2022 vision, I want to invite you to get that party started NOW. 


Join me for

The AMPLIFIED Creative Business Planning Palooza*!

An EOY Facebook fiesta to birth your  purpose-fuelled, profitable work into 2022.


*try saying that 7 times in a row at high-speed 🤣



Here's what we cover over three short, sharp, actionable trainings;


Day One:

The Foundations

We cover the 5 P’s you need to know as you navigate your creative and/ or performing business.

Day Two:

The Feels

The top three soul-fuelled shifts that can help move you away from fear and into flow, and out of chaos and into clarity. 

Day Three:

The Future.

An actionable, future-focused, soul-fuelled game plan to set you up for 2022... that you can begin to implement right away!

 This is totally for you if...


⚡️ You have creative projects you want to get out into the world in 2022

⚡️ You are a creative, artist, or coach wanting to build a sustainable business and brand 

⚡️ You are a performer getting ready for the upcoming Fringe season

⚡️ You want straight up, actionable, strategy based support to birth your creative babies

⚡️  You're ready to make 2022 the year where you see your epic vision through.

Here's how it all works...


1. Hit YES PLEASE! below

2. You'll receive an email with all the details, along with your workbook 

3. You'll receive a link to join the Facebook group TWO DAYS before we go live. 

4. You can then join me for the trainings in the FB group - Live every morning at 10am ACST OR watch the replays at a time that suits! 

5. You walk away with surefire strategies and a soul-fuelled game plan to bring in 2022 with a bang!


✅ Coffee encouraged. 

 Sequins welcomed.

 Champagne optional. 


Love you to join me, 


Amelia xx